03 October 2022

"Rowad Association" distributes school uniforms and bags to hundreds of students in Gaza.

Within the annual back-to-school project, Rowad Association for Social Development has distributed school bags and uniforms to hundreds of poor students in Gaza. 

The association reported that hundreds of beneficiaries in west Gaza benefited from the project.

Mr. Rabah Bakhit-Chairman of Rowad Association, declared: "The implementation of this project is a humanitarian and moral duty that we undertake and has been keen to implement for years to alleviate burdens of life for poor and needy students, especially those affected by the repeated Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip."

He stressed that this project is in alignment with the association's objectives and its humanitarian mission towards these families to alleviate their burdens in light of the deteriorating living and economic conditions.

Mr. Muhammad Abu Sido-Director said that Rowad cares for this segment of students, and this project aims to ease the burdens and school obligations on needy families and encourage them to educate their children.


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