18 January 2014

Jabalia Municipality honors “Rowad”

Jabalia municipality honored “Rowad” Society for Social Development in its last honor ceremony for its contribution to help the families affected by the storm which hit the Palestinian territories in December last year.

The board member, Mr. Raed Alsa’ati who represents the Society attended the ceremony.

In lighte of joint cooperation with local and international institutions working in relief field, The manager of “Rowad”, Mr. Mohammad Abo Seedo, explained that “Rowad” is continuing its work to serve the Palestinian people.

In this regard, the chairman of Jabalia municipality, Mr. Esam Jouda, thanked the partnered institutions, especially “Rowad” which contributed to helping the families affected by the storm.

At the end of the ceremony, Jabalia municipality handed a plaque to express appreciation and gratitude for “Rowad” for its generous efforts presented for the Palestinian people.


“Rowad” is discussing a joint cooperation with “Alaqsa Alsharif”


With donations from philanthropists in Libya, “Rowad” provides urgent aids to the poor families in Gaza