11 April 2023

Rowad distributes vegetable baskets to distressed families in Northern Gaza

This evening, the Rowad Association for Society Development distributed a number of vegetable baskets to distressed and poor families in Northern Gaza.

The vegetable basket included multiple varieties (lemon, carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, green pepper, potatoes, onions, cauliflower, and cucumber).

The baskets were delivered to families in need in an atmosphere of happiness and joy because they met the basic and necessary needs that the family could not provide due to limited income.

This project is one of the projects of the Rowad of humanitarian projects in the Gras al-Khair Ramadan campaign for its eighth season. It also thanked donors and the people of the good for these Sadaqa that help alleviate the suffering of poor families in the Gaza Strip.


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