18 May 2014

Rowad receives a delegation from “Miles of Smiles 27”

On the day of 18th May 2014,Rowad Association for Community Development  has received a delegation from Miles of Smiles 27in its main office in Gaza city. The visiting delegation included Ali AdDorobi, Salman El-Masaeid and Khalid Dwood.



The visiting delegation was received by the head of the board  of the association Mr. Rabah Bukheit , the head of the benevolent association union Mr, Abdul Nabi Er-Rantisi , the member of board of directors Dr. Majed Yasin and the executive manager of the association Mohammed Abo Sido.


Mr. Rajab Bukheit welcomed the visitors ,gave them a briefing about Rowad society, its foundation and the nature of its programs and implemented projects and at the same time he call them to support these projects.



In the same context, he cleared out that such visits supports the joint cooperation between Rowad and the both national and international charity association which are interested in relieving and supporting the steadfastness of Palestinian people. Furthermore, he stressed on the importance of the visits of solidarity convoys for the Gaza strip.


From his part, Mr. El Dorobi thanked Rowad for its hospitality, warm welcoming and the pioneer role it plays in the Gaza strip.


Also, Mr. Masaeed praised the outstanding performance of the association in the implementation of relief and development projects, pointing out that what they present today is nothing once compared with the sacrifices of the Palestinian people.

Additionally, Mr. Dawud praised the steadfastness that shown by the Palestinian people in the face ofthe Israeli occupation, stressing at the same time the insistence of his country, Algeria, to provide full moral and financial support to the Palestinian people.

The two sides also discussed ways of mutual cooperation and expressed their respective willingness to cooperate through the implementation of relief and development programs that target the population of Gaza City.
At the end of the visit, the head of the board of directors Rabah Bakhit presented Palestinian scarfs as a gift to the visiting delegation. Then, souvenir photos were picked up of the two parties.


Funded by philanthropists from Germany, “Rowad” distributes vegetable baskets for the poor families


Funded by philanthropists from Libya, Rowad distributes the sums of sponsorships for the month of May