01 May 2022

Rowad Association implements the Eid Al Fitr clothing project for children in Gaza Strip.

Rowad Association for Community Development implemented the Eid Al Fitr clothing project for this year as part of the seventh season of its grand Ramadan campaign, Grass Al Khair. The project included distributing new clothes to the children of poor and marginalized families in Gaza City.

 Eng. Muhammad Abu Sido- Executive Manager of the association, explained that clothing comes within the framework of the association's endeavor to alleviate the economic burdens on poor and needy families in light of the continuing siege on the Gaza Strip for years, aiming to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of poor children. He emphasizes that Rowad Association stands by disadvantaged families with all it has as a supporter to alleviate their suffering.

Abu Sido stressed that these projects undertaken by Rowad aim to achieve the principle of social solidarity and a sense of the great responsibility that we feel in light of the sieges and hard economic conditions in the Gaza Strip. 

It is worth mentioning that "Rowad" launched its grand Ramadan campaign at the beginning of the holy month, and its programs varied from distributing thousands of food parcels, zakat money, and fresh Iftar meals.


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