Jabalia youth Development Center

The Association opened several training courses and workshops for needy and poor students, through the Rawad Training and Development Center, accredited by the Ministry of Education under national number 31511245

Vision: excellence and leadership in the field of Palestinian youth development, and positive impact on its trends, values and skills, so that it has the ability to face challenges and decision-making.

Mission: Consolidate the leadership and intellectual values of the youth community across many youth programs and activities targeting all components of the youth of Palestinian society


1.      Contributing to the development of active youth cadres.

2.      Develop innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity skills in the youth community.

3.      Empowering and strengthening women's role in Palestinian society.

4.      Promoting youth exchanges within and outside the country.

5.      Promoting the concept of good citizenship for young people.

6.      Management and skill development for Palestinian youth.

7.      Encouraging youth participation in decision-making.

Rawad Center for Training and Development (need a full definition of the Center - Objectives - Vision -... etc.)

About the Center:

"A pioneering training center that has assumed and continues to develop the human resources of Palestinian society."

The Center's vision:

"Reference, Educational, Services, Pioneering and Training, Assumed and Continues to Develop Human Resources in Palestinian Society"

Our Message

Training Center for Development Services is concerned with developing the capacities of individuals and public and private sector institutions scientifically and professionally through the implementation of rehabilitation and training programs and the promotion of scientific and professional development in coordination with the continuing education centers of other colleges and relevant institutions while maintaining the quality of performance and transparency in offering and building confidence.

Our Goal

Rowad Center for Training and Development seeks to strengthen its role in the development of the community in order to enhance it in keeping with the needs of the community and to build its capabilities as it develops.

Our Objectives:

·        Improving individual and institutional skills by offering a variety of high-quality applied training programs.

·        Raising levels of institutional performance and competitiveness by providing consultations to public and private sector enterprises.

·        Developing the level of career performance of public and private sector workers through the introduction of educational and vocational paths.

·        Improving and intensifying the knowledge and skills of other groups of society.

·        Contributing to the service of the community by employing the Centre's human and technical potential.

The Centre's main resources:

·        A wide base of experiences.

·        Distinctive training rooms.

·        Close knowledge of the local environment in the Gaza Strip.

·        Full flexibility in the design and implementation of program as required by the institutions.

·        High-tech and modern capabilities and equipment


The Center's distinction:

·        Experts at the highest levels of proficiency in the professional and applied fields.

·        Careful monitoring of the environment to keep abreast of emerging needs.

·        Continuous comparison of global best practices.

·        Effective communication between the Centre and the community and transfer of skills from the training site to the workplace.


Methodology for the Centre's work:

Commitment to excellence in all its program to meet the needs of participating institutions in a changing world and a globalized economy.

Facilitating institutions and managers' access to specialized sources of information at standard times and locations suitable for all learners and for life.

To view training as an investment in the future of the State of Palestine.

Positive partnership between the College, the employment sectors and individuals.

Cooperation between the Centre and its broad environment.

Quality in the provision of various services, in order to seek the beneficiaries' satisfaction.

Professional in dealing with beneficiaries through various programs and services.