05 May 2014

Rowad seeks joint cooperation with “Ibn Baz Society”

Aiming at building bridges of communication and cooperation with institutions working in the field of relief and development, A delegation of Rowad association for community development visited Ibn Baz Society–Gaza Strip.


The delegation included Mr. Mohammed Abu Sido, the executive manager of the association, Mr. Khaled Teama, media and public relations officer of the association, Mr. Mohamed al-Nono, the external relations officer and finally Mr. Abdul Karim Amara the project coordinator in Rowad Association.


The delegation was received by the executive manager of Ibn Baz Society Mr. Abdulkarim Al Khatib and Shiekh Mufid Hassan the head of Daawa Committee “preaching committee”.


From his side, Mr. Abu Sido began his speech by giving a briefing about Rowad society, its foundation and the nature of its programs and the Rowad Association’s implemented relief and developmental projects.

Additionally, he introduced the Youth Developing Centre which is sponsored by the association and aims at discovering youth talents and brush up on their skills.

In his turn, Mr. El Khatib expressed his full thanks and appreciation for the visiting delegation for their wonderful visit and express his deep satisfaction of the projects and programs implemented by the association, which would elevate the level of relief and development projects in the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, he showed his association, Ibn Baz Society, readiness to cooperate with the Rowad Association in implementing a number of programs and projects in the field of relief and development.

At the end of the meeting, the directors of Rowad Association granted the staff of Ibn Baz Society  shields of gratitude in recognition of their continuing efforts and generous in the service of the Palestinian people. 


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