22 November 2022

Rowad responds to citizens' calls at the beginning of winter season

On Tuesday, Rowad Association for Society Development responded to citizens' calls in the north of Gaza City, at the onset of the winter season for the year 2022/2023

Chairman of Rowad, Mr. Rabah Bekhit said that  Rowad team, at these moments, is providing a helping hand to the residents affected by the rainwater, and many relief calls have been answered since the beginning of the winter

Also, the people expressed their thanks, appreciation and gratitude for the efforts made by  Rowad Association in providing urgent assistance to reduce the suffering, which would contribute to strengthening the resilience of the citizen in light of the worsening and deteriorating economic conditions in the Strip


"Rowad Association" distributes school uniforms and bags to hundreds of students in Gaza.


Rowad distributes hundreds of Iftar meals to poor fasting people in Northern Gaza City