14 April 2022

Rowad implements Zakat distribution project as part of its Ramadan campaign

As part of the seventh season of the Ramadan Geras Al Khair campaign, Rowad Association for Community Development in Gaza implemented  a project to distribute zakat to dozens of poor families in Gaza City, with the generous support of philanthropists in Jordan 

The project is part of a series of relief programs implemented by the Association during Ramadan, which aims to alleviate the burdens of needy families and consolidate the values ​​of social solidarity and human compassion through these relief programs and projects

The beneficiary families expressed their great thanks to the philanthropists and Rowad Association for their efforts in achieving dozens of projects that serve the various segments of Palestinian society


Rowad Association implements the Eid Al Fitr clothing project for children in Gaza Strip.


Rowad Association organizes a collective Iftar for the families of orphan children in Gaza City