14 May 2023

Initial report of the total damage and loss of the aggression against Gaza, May 2023

On Sunday, the Government Information Office in the Gaza Strip announced the preliminary outcome of Israel's five-day aggression, during which 33 martyrs, including women, children and 190 wounded, were martyred.

Losses resulting from Israel's aggression against Gaza were as follows:
Housing Sector:
A total of 2041 affected housing units, with an estimated loss value of $9 million, as detailed below:

31 houses were completely demolished, with a total of 93 housing units.

128 housing units became uninhabitable, while 1820 housing units were partially damaged, primarily.

Agricultural Sector:

Losses in this sector amounted to $3 million, as follows:

200 agricultural craters caused by direct bombardment as a result of the raids, which need rehabilitation, demolition and preparation in order to permit their re-cultivation. 10 thousand meters of irrigation lines were damaged in the shelled agricultural areas in all areas of the sector.

The State Media Office also reported that 600 dunums of "vegetable and fruit" crops were damaged by bombardments and 150dons of covered greenhouses.

Poultry farms, livestock, sheep and beehives, with losses amounting to $ 225 thousand.

More than 1,100 tons of vegetables and fish stopped exporting, and fishing traffic stopped completely.

Economic Sector:

The estimate of losses in this sector is linked to the completion of the inventory of shops and commercial interests damaged by the bombing, with losses associated with the interruption of the economic wheel estimated at $40 million over the five days of aggression.

Education Sector:

According to the Media Office, the casualties in this sector amounted to 8 students, including 6 children.

7 schools and 9 kindergartens were damaged


Infrastructure losses resulting from the aggression amounted to approximately $1 million, detailed as follows:

159 water lines, 173 sanitation lines damaged.

Closure of streets due to shelling and rubble.

30 outposts in various governorates and are being dealt with.

304 power lines, poles and transformers.


Rowad distributes vegetable baskets to distressed families in Northern Gaza