17 January 2014

“Rowad” is discussing a joint cooperation with “Alaqsa Alsharif”

Today, Rowad Society for Social Development received the director of the office of Alaqsa Alsharif institution-Malaysia in the Gaza Strip, Mr. Ahmad Thabet seeking towards building a bridge of communication and joint cooperation with institutions working in relief and development fields. They were received by the manager of “Rowad”, Mr. Mohammad Abo Seedo and the administrative staff.

The manager welcomed the visit, prefacing his words by a short brief about “Rowad” and the nature of its programs and projects.

Mr. Abo Seedo talked about the Youth Development Center sponsored by “Rowad” which seeks to improve and develop the youth’s skills.

On his turn, Mr. Thabet thanked “Rowad” for its great welcoming and its prominent role it occupies through implementing projects and programs. He expressed his readiness for a joint cooperation with “Rowad” to carry out a number of programs and youth and development projects that serve the Palestinian community.

At the end of the visit, “Rowad” handed a plaque to express its appreciation for Alaqsa Alsharif institution-Malayis for its marvelous efforts.


With donations from the Turkish Sadaqa Tashi institution, “Rowad” ended warm winter project in Gaza.


Jabalia Municipality honors “Rowad”