13 May 2014

Jabalia Youth Development Centre ( JYDC) organizes the second training day of “ Rowad Training Program”

Jabalia Youth Development Center , which is run by Rowad  Community Development Association, has organized  the second training meeting entitled “ Planning for Future” conducted by the human development trainer Ahmad El Husari.



This training is part of the youth training sessions held by the center in Rowad Youth program during summer vacation. It aims at developing the potential managerial, academic and cultural abilities of the youth.


Both the secretary of the center Mr. Mohammed Abo Sido and the member of board of directors Hassan Abo Muteir has inaugurated the second training session. In his speech, Mr. Abo Sido thanked the participants for their participation and commitmentand he also talked about the nature of the tackled topics in the coming meetings.


He, at the same time, has stressed on the importance of these training sessions because they play a role in shaping a personality of  unique youth who which is characterized by creativity, uniqueness  and decision making despite the hurdles of life that face Gazan youth as a result of the siege imposed on Gaza.


From their part, the youth participant thanked JYDC for its generous endeavors, and they urged it to continue helping them in developing their capacities according to their interests.


Jabalia Youth Development Centre (JYDC)organizes a “ youth sit-in protest“ calling to speed up the implementation of the Palestinian reconciliation on the ground


Funded by philanthropists from Germany, “Rowad” distributes vegetable baskets for the poor families