01 April 2023

Rowad distributes hundreds of Iftar meals to poor fasting people in Northern Gaza City

On Monday evening, the Rawad Society for Society Development in Palestine distributed hundreds of meals to poor fasting people in Northern Gaza City.

With a generous donation from good people, hundreds of meals were prepared and distributed to poor and needy families in Northern Gaza City.

The head of the association, Rabah Bakhit, said: Rowad continued to carry out their relief programs throughout the holy month and as part of their humanitarian campaign Gras al-Khair for the eighth season, it implemented the Iftar project that aimed at alleviating the suffering of our families trapped in the Gaza Strip , which has thrown most of the invading families into extreme poverty.

The head added that this season, Rowad are keen to reach out their assistance to a large number of needy families in marginalized areas of Gaza City.

This project is part of the humanitarian projects implemented by Rowad during the holy month of Ramadan, thanking all the compassionate hands that contribute to alleviating the suffering of our Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip.


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