27 December 2013

Generously donated by philanthropists from the Jordanian Kingdom, “Rowad” distributed $5000 for tens of families affected by the cold snap.

“Rowad” Society is keen on continuing to provide services and relief aids for stricken families in the middle of this month.

At the beginning of the cold snap, “Rowad” initiated in mobilizing its staff in order to relieve stricken families as the staff provided what was available including cash, in-kind aids and other aids like electrical room heater, pieces of nylon, foam mattresses and money in order to achieve their needs.

“Rowad” finished distributing $5000 for tens of the families affected by the storm “Alexa”, with donations from philanthropists in the Jordanian Kingdom.

In a conjunction with the siege tightening on the Gaza Strip, the crisis of fuel shortage increasing, power cuts and crossing closure.

The manager of the Society, Mr. Abo Seedo said that “Rowad” is continuing to serve poor families in different fields, and is going to do its best in order to provide aids and services for Gazans to improve their living conditions, demanding all institutions and charitable societies to support poor families in the Gaza Strip in light of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for 7 years. On the other hand, Mr. Abo Seedo showed his gratitude for charitable institutions, especially philanthropists in the Jordanian Kingdom which contributes in charitable projects that mitigate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

It was marked that the floods caused by the storm “Alexa” led to great damages and displacement; approximately 1000 persons evacuated their houses according to the United Nations Office for Humanitarian affairs.


For the sixth day successively, “Rowad” distributed cash and in-kind aids to the affected people


In the last year 2013, “Rowad” distributed $50.000 to the orphans in Gaza