14 February 2021

"Rowad" implements "filling cooking gas cylinders for poor families project"

Rowad Association for Society Development - Palestine started with the onset of winter
filling cooking gas cylinders for poor and needy families in Gaza and North Governorate
This project comes within the warm winter campaign 12, that launched by the association at the beginning of this year, which aims to help the poor in light of the hard humanitarian conditions such as the siege and the outbreak of Covid 19, lack of job opportunities and an increase in poverty.
# The warm winter program 12 is your way to extend the hand of relief to them by providing all the warmth requirements.
Contribute with us to continue the march,
Only $ 20 is the price of filling a 12 kg cooking gas cylinder .
donate via the following association account:
PS71PIBC084527008700043100000 (€)
PS19PIBC084527008700013100000 ($)


Rowad implements " Installing metal panels for the dilapidated roofs to the houses of poor citizens in Gaza"project


Rowad implements the eyeglasses project for poor students.