01 February 2021

Rowad implements " Installing metal panels for the dilapidated roofs to the houses of poor citizens in Gaza"project

With the onset of the winter season, the staff of the Rowad Association for Society Development - Palestine, began changing the worn-out roofs to the houses of poor citizens with new metal roofs, in order to protect them from drowning in rain water, and in order to prevent rain and cold air from seeping through perforated metal panels, as part of the warm winter campaign 12,
As with the bitter cold of winter, the Gazans are greatly in need of who can provide them with a helping hand and support, especially families with young children, the sick and the elderly.
# The warm winter program 12 is your way to extend the hand of relief to them by providing all the necessities of warmth.
Contribute with us to continue the march,
Only 1000 USD is the price of the metal roof for one house,
donate through the following account of the association:
PS71PIBC084527008700043100000 (€)
PS19PIBC084527008700013100000 ($)


Rowad covers the roofs of citizens' houses with nylon in Gaza


"Rowad" implements "filling cooking gas cylinders for poor families project"